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Hey there plant peeps! I'm excited to bring you this month's box. I hope you enjoy your newest additions to your ever growing collection. 

Cereus forbesii monstrose “Ming Thing” is a blue green columnar cactus with naturally occurring mutant growth originating from Bolivia and Argentina. Unlike other cactus, Ming Thing prefers the shade making this the perfect plant for filtered to partially sunny areas or bright indoor light. This plant is a slow grower and once it reaches maturity it can, albeit unreliably, produce white and pink blooms. This cactus will stay dormant in the winter months, but is not frost resistant and will need to be brought in to avoid frost scarring. Avoid overwatering and high humidity as Ming Thing is sensitive to rot. 

Portulaca molokiniensis " 'ihi " is a rare succulent endemic to the coast of only three islands that make up Hawai'i. Thick green leaves grow in a low stocky cluster around the stem which can branch out and bloom bright yellow flowers in the spring and summer. Since this is a dwarf variety it makes an excellent addition to pots and small containers. Grows best in full sun or indoors under a grow light and well draining soil. Not suitable for outdoor growth in climates with harsh winters.

Kalanchoe x houghtonii "Pink Butterflies" is a tall growing succulent with slender leaves lined with pink baby plantlets or bulbils that resemble butterflies. Just like butterflies, the plantlets will take flight from the mother plant and root if given proper amounts of light, making this a robust propagator. For plentiful offshoots plant in well draining soil in an area with filtered or partial sun. Bring indoors in the winter outside of growing zone 10. 

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