Welcome Plant Peeps!



Plants are life.  You can’t change my mind. We are thrilled you found our plant and project paradise! 


Our Partly Sunny Projects adventure started in July of 2019. With Isaac’s encouragement and support, I terminated my corporate job to sell plants. I had no earthly idea what I was doing, but I was driven by my love of plants and my desire to share my knowledge and their beauty with others. Not being one to fight the climate conditions I lived in, I embraced succulents and cacti as my plants of choice. Happily, I also recently added air plants to my repertoire. I can’t remember a time when plants were not in my life. From the lush garden my grandmother had that I vividly remember picking bleeding hearts from (Yes, I got in trouble for that one), to the copious garden my mother tended with fresh veggies that put anything from the grocery store to shame, to trying to explain to my husband what Dalmatia smelled like. Plants were tied to a long-lost memory I had from childhood – a smell that I could not place. Upon my return to Croatia after 36 years, I stepped out of the car and there was the smell. It turns out it was the aroma of wild curry bushes. The breeze from the Adriatic gently brushed their silvery leaves, releasing their fragrance, which danced in the air.  That fragrance brought a flood of good memories and tears to my eyes. Why yes, I have them planted in my garden now! I’m hoping that plants will do the same for you, bring you fond memories.

Plants have been a wonderful part of my life and I hope they become a part of yours. Plants offer us a calming place to nourish our souls. There is a fulfilling joy that comes with growing plants for their inherent beauty or for practical purposed because nobody will deny the glory of a fresh picked, home-grown tomato!


Our goal is to find you plants you didn’t even know you wanted. We are not feeding “addictions” because quite frankly, there is no 12-step program, so as you can see, quitting really isn’t even an option! Isn’t that wonderful?!?!


We will be adding project ideas and plants frequently and expanding on the items we offer. If there is something special you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at partlysunnyprojects@gmail.com


Happy Planting!!!

Sonja & Isaac