Shipping Policy

Due to a significant increase in orders, we are currently shipping daily. Orders are currently being processed 7-10 business days from the date the order was placed. There may be further delays as rainy season hits and plants may need to dry out prior to shipment.

Priority shipping refers to the time in transit and not time for orders to be processed. If you need an order expedited, please contact us via email at and we will do our best to accommodate you. Contacting us via other social media may delay a prompt response as those platforms are not checked as often as email.

POSTAGE: We do our best to program the system to calculate the most accurate shipping costs. However, sometimes when ordering multiple items, it over calculates shipping fees. We will adjust them accordingly and issue a refund for postage.

LEAF BRUISING/SHED: Certain varieties including, but not limited to, aeonium and echeveria can easily experience bruising during transit. These bruises appear as black marks or scuffed farina and are merely cosmetic.  They do not impair the health of the plant. While dormant, it is normal for plants to have dry leaves or shed leaves. 

DEHYDRATED PLANTS: We have concluded that one of the best ways to send some plants including, but not limited to, donkey tail, ruby necklace, larger echeveria, etc., is to send them when the plants are slightly under-watered.  This makes the leaves less prone to falling off or bruising during transit. If you see your plant leaves are slightly wrinkled, this was done on purpose to protect the plant. Typically a good, deep, watering after planting will perk up your plant.

PLANT APPEARANCE: Extended transit times (more than 4 days) will lead to some etiolation or light seeking in certain varieties. This is normal since the box is dark. Simply acclimate to full sun gradually to restore normal coloring. Avoid mid-day sun exposure until acclimated to prevent sunburn.

WINTER & FALL APPEARANCE NOTICE FOR CUTTINGS: Most succulents shipped in winter and spring are smaller and greener than in spring and summer. Many are dormant or semi-dormant. With proper care, they will all flourish in the warmer seasons. 

MAIL: We are not responsible for lost packages once they leave our facility. Issues with delivery should be directed to USPS or UPS, as appropriate. 

BARE ROOT OR POTTED: Most of the time your plants will be sent in a bare root or semi bare root state to prevent damage or in cases where the plant has been watered prior to it being ordered. Shipping soil is messy and can cause significant damage. Wet soil can cause rot in summer months. Shipping with soil also increases postage rates. Shipping in pots is reserved for small plants or ones with sensitive root systems. If you need special accommodations, please reach out.

There have been extended transit times with First Class mail, where packages are taking 7-10 days (or longer) to arrive. It is detrimental to your plant's health to be in a package for that long. We highly recommend choosing Priority mail to ensure a shorter transit time. 

If you experience missing mail (with USPS specifically), missing mail information and forms can be found here:

The originating address for your order is PO BOX 3637, Ramona, CA 92065

Shipping is currently only within the United States (to include FPO/APO addresses for those warfighters who are protecting our freedom).  And a Semper Fi shoutout to our Marines! 

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ Shipping in Winter ❄️ ❄️❄️

We do our best to ship to all parts of the country during the winter. However, temperatures can be unpredictable. If your plants are being shipped to a cold climate, it is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to freezing weather to purchase one of our low cost Heat Packs and add it to your order. While heat packs do not guarantee protection from frost, they will help prevent damage from occurring. Make sure to retrieve the packages as soon as they are delivered.  Should you want to avoid a cold snap, you can also request a later shipping date.

Heat Packs will be available during the winter season and can be ordered HERE

⚠️Partly Sunny Projects is not responsible for damage done to plants by extreme weather. We cannot control the weather. Order at your own risk. 

Shipping in Summer

It is the responsibility of customers residing in areas subject to extreme heat waves to plan the shipments until the weather is safe for shipping. Please leave a note in your order or contact us to postpone or reschedule your shipments. Extremely high temperature can cause the plants to rot and die. Make sure to retrieve the packages as soon as they are delivered. Don't let the packages sit under direct sunlight for more than an hour. 

⚠️Partly Sunny Projects  is not responsible for damage done to plants by extreme weather. We cannot control the weather. Order at your own risk.