UniHeat 72-Hour Heat Pack

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Our 72-Hour heat packs are optional for an additional fee of $3.50. We encourage you to add this to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions. The addition of a heat pack will increase your package weight by 7 oz and will increase shipping costs as well. All packages needing a heat pack will be shipped via priority mail.

"Cold weather" is sustained temperatures under 36 degrees. Last season, we successfully sent packages to very cold areas of the country with no damage. Please note that temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s DO NOT require a heat pack, and getting one with those conditions may cause plant damage.

If you choose to opt out of the heat pack, we cannot guarantee your plants a favorable arrival, nor can we offer any refunds or exchanges due to damages incurred during cold weather conditions.  Please note during extreme weather, even a heat pack may fail. Please consider ordering when weather conditions are more favorable.