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Hey plant peeps!

I want to share my love of all plants things with you and I have some deals and resources for you!


For all your needed Sundries, let Jeff pay for gas to deliver these!!! If Amazon is not your thing, you can use the items I have listed and purchase them locally. If you have items you would like to recommend, just drop me a note!

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Epic gardening

Whoa! Ok, I was not ready for these amazing seed trays. They are HEAVY DUTY for sure. I may have stood on them and they didn’t even budge! They also retail the Birdie raised beds, which are also heavy duty and perfect of high temp areas.

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Epic Gardening


Dirt locker

If you’re dealing with a steep slope, this is the solution for all of your problems. Mine are going in to raise stock plants!

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Let’s Compst!

The newest addition to my garden is this cool compost bin!

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