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Hey Plant Peeps, and Happy Spooky Season!


Ruby Necklace (Othonna capensis) is a stunning South African gem with its bold green leaves and darling yellow flowers trailing along vibrant purple stems. When exposed to stress either from direct sun, little water, or cooler temperatures, the leaves pop with a bright magenta flush. For the full effect and fast lush growth, place your rubies in an area with full sun or a bright indoor grow light. Without enough light the stems will get leggy and the leaves will revert to solid green. Ruby necklace is not frost hardy outside of Zones 9a to 11b. Use a well draining chunky soil because you'll want to water thoroughly, but not frequently because this variety is rather drought resistant. 


Rainbow Hedgehog (Echinocereus rigidissmus rubrispinus) is a stinkin' cute little globular cactus from the American Southwest/Northwestern Mexico. The stalk of the cactus is a vibrant green, but that is mostly shielded by bright pink spines that turn yellow as they age. The lustrious blooms which appear throughout the growing season are hot pink as well. Prefers slightly shady conditions outside or bright filtered indoor light with low humidity and watering to prevent rot. Will not tolerate winter conditions outdoors beyond Zone 10. 


Echeveria "Chroma" is a shrubby rosette succulent from Mexico boasting a blend of colors from blue, green, purple, and pink. The range of colors is dependent on light conditions, which should remain bright to prevent leggy growth, but over exposure can sunburn the leaves. Both the rosettes and leaves can be plucked off the mother plant and propagated with ease. Echeverias will produce a yearly flower stalk with compact bell like flowers. Cannot tolerate winter conditions beyond Zone 10. 

Tillandsia capitata "Blood Orange" is one of the largest tillandsia varieties hailing from Mexico. The plant is a pale green arching rosette with an blood orange colored flush in the center from which magnificent purple flowers bloom. Air plants are slow growing and require bright light and high humidity. Water three times a week by submerging the entire plant in fertilized distilled water or rain water.

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