DIY Succulent Christmas Tree

DIY Succulent Christmas Tree

If you are a succulent lover (read addict) like me, having a succulent Christmas tree is a must and I’m delighted that I have been able to offer them in the shop!

Let’s take a look at your kit.

 Succulent Christmas tree kit

Your moss topiary tree comes with a detachable base. If you plan on painting or decorating the base, now would be the time to do it! There is a pre-drilled hole that your tree will slide into. No need to glue it in place; gravity will hold it. Next, is the tree itself. The topiary is made of a sturdy wire frame covered in sphagnum moss and secured with a thin, but very strong monofilament.

Moss Christmas tree topiary

Your cuttings were freshly cut for your order, but from processing to delivery, at least 4-5 days have lapsed, so your cuttings are well calloused and ready to use. You may need to shorten some of the stems.  Your plants will be just fine if you need to do so.

You also have several floral pins.  You will only need the pins for plants that are a little heavy and need a little extra help to stay in place. For this sample tree, I used about 8 pins. The rest of the plants simply stayed in place on their own. When using the pins, I try to get between the leaf and stem and poke the pin in a downward angle.

Succulent with floral pin

You will need a blunt tool to poke holes in your topiary.  I like using a chopstick for this task. Using a sharp object like a knife will cut the monofilament line holding the form together and then you will cry as it falls to pieces. 

The first thing I like to do is sort my cuttings according to size. Putting larger cuttings at the bottom of the topiary will help the final presentation keep its triangular shape. You may need to remove some leaves. Smaller cuttings won’t need as much of a stem to stay secure. Sorting the plants will help you see how they will look next to each other. If you have a rebellious streak, skip it and just put them on any way you like.

Next, you will need to soak your topiary....... hold it!!! “Can I hot glue my plants on the tree?!?! Yes you can! Get out your glue sticks and go for it.  The tutorial ends for you here. Thanks for reading this far.  Have a Happy Holiday.

If, however, you want to plant them in the moss, keep reading! The topiary form needs to be soaked in water.  Soaking the topiary will make it easier to work with. Sphagnum moss can hold A LOT of water.  I don’t let the tree get fully saturated. I’ll soak for a minute and then let the moss wick the water towards the center. I’ll take my chopstick and test readiness by poking it in the topiary.  If I still hear a crunchy dry sound from the moss, or it’s hard to press into it, it needs more water. Don’t oversaturate - otherwise you will have a drippy mess.


Dibble and topiary Christmas tree

Once your tree is ready, put it on your base.  Starting at the bottom, you’ll work your way around the base with upwards “planting” of your cuttings. Angle your tool in a downward position and poke firmly into the moss until you have a hole. I will often turn my chopstick in a circular motion to expand the moss so that the stem will fit. If your cutting isn’t staying in place, now would be this time to use one of those pins. 

Succulent Christmas tree

Once you get the base row finished, simply keep working around the tree until you get to the top. You can take any fallen leaves and tuck them in the empty spaces. You can also dress up your tree with mini ornaments or mini lights.

Succulent Christmas tree

Since you soaked your tree, you will not need to water it until it’s fully dry.  This may take several weeks depending on where you are keeping your tree. You can check the base of the topiary for dampened or use a moisture meter if you are fancy. To water your tree, you can simply place it in your sink and slowly run water on it. 

Keep your tree in a bright sunny location for best results. If your plants show signs of a pale center, they need more light!!

Finally, yes, you will be the envy of your neighborhood with your beautiful Succulent Christmas tree. They will write poems in your honor.

We’d love to see what you created, so please leave us a photo with your review or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @partlysunnyprojects

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