A Succulent Love Affair

A Succulent Love Affair

The first time I saw this arrangement, I fell in love. At its core is a touch of whimsy added to your garden space. Whether you are a beginner or an avid collector, this arrangement is easy to put together flawlessly. Of course we put together everything you need in our Heart Pot DIY Kit so that you can go from mailbox to planting immediately.  Who wants to wait?!?

Pot in heart kit

Once you are done gushing over all the sweet little cuttings, it’s time to put your arrangement together. We provided a lightweight, all-purpose medium for your planter.  Simply fill the pot and gently pat the soil into the pot so that it has a flat surface. 

Ceramic heart pot with soil

You’ll find in your kit a small bag of ivory criva. This is a fine pebble that I really like using as a top dressing (soil is NOT sexy). I like putting the criva on before I plant because it’s typically less messy and I am able to cover all the bits of soil that may otherwise peek through.

Ceramic heart pot with soil and top dressing

Next, you will nestle the small terra cotta pot into the soil - about halfway in is fine. And finally, we get to the really fun part! Your pixie cuttings are ready to be planted.  You may need to gently pull off some of the lower leaves.  Otherwise, they just need to be gently placed into the criva in any combination that makes you happy!

Ceramic heart pot with tiny pot

These are just general directions.  You can create your arrangement any way you like. I have given the same materials to ten people and each one looks different.  There is no “wrong way” to do it. Your cuttings do not have roots, so there is no need to water them just yet. They could get a light watering about a week or so after you receive them. They may actually look a little on the dry side (wrinkled leaves and a little sad) while they are using their stored energy in their leaves to push out roots. Your arrangement will do best in bright but not direct sun or they will burn. As the plants grow, you may decide to move them from this arrangement into larger or individual pots. I really hope you enjoy your new obsession!

Happy Planting!


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Renee Wilson

Love my new planter, planted by me! I plan on sending one to my granddaughter in NY next month. She will love it!!

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