Tillandsia Xerographica Pixie Size

Tillandsia Xerographica Pixie Size

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Known as the queen of air plants, xerographica is the heart of any collection. Think of this size as the princess size! Delightfully long curled leaves and an ability to adapt to diverse climates make this a must have.

If you like to mist plants, this is your jam. Spray or dunk weekly, but no soaking this variety.  Xerographica is prone to rotting when stagnant water sits in the base of leaves for extended periods of time.  A flick of the wrist, a good shake out upside down, or tip over after watering to keep healthy.  Ideally, you would want this plant to dry within 6-8 hours.

Most plants do better outdoors, but this one can be kept inside. 

Adaptable to light, but best in strong indirect light.  Mid-day direct light will burn your plant.

You will receive a similar plant with care instructions.


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