Mother of Millions

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Why get Mother of thousands when you can get MILLIONS. Another great plant in the very prolific Kalanchoe family that readily produces copious amounts of offsets Their method of propagation is extremely efficient.  The offsets that form on their leaves are literally miniature plants.

They are already growing and photosynthesizing while attached to their mother. Most even produce roots in addition to their leaves. By the time they hit the ground, they’re already a plant!

That’s a huge advantage over regular plants that have to grow from seeds - so lame!

Featured in a 2" pot, you will receive a similar plant shipped in its pot.

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FOR WINTER MONTHS: If you experience sustained cold weather temperatures under 38 degrees, we encourage you to add a 72-Hour heat pack to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions.  To order a 72-Hour heat pack, click HERE.