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The term akadama is Japanese for the words “red” – the color of the particles – and “ball” – the shape of the particles. These particles are balls of volcanic clay that have been mined and naturally dried or baked to a desired hardness. 

Akadama is prized by many growers for its ability to retain water and nutrients while still providing porosity and free drainage. You can use akadama as a soil amendment which will provide excellent drainage and aeration, this is vital for succulents to thrive. It also helps to prevent the roots of the succulents from becoming waterlogged, which can lead to root rot. The use of akedama in succulent gardening can help to promote healthy growth and prevent common issues such as over-watering. Additionally, the unique combination of materials used in akedama can give a more natural and aesthetic look to a succulent garden. It also serves as an excellent top dressing.

Available in 1.5 lbs.  and 2.5 lb bags