Frequently Asked Questions

I am here to help you with your plants!!

However, keep in mind my answers are in general. Your climate, whether indoors or outdoors, will really determine how you tend to your plants.

What kind of soil do you use?

If I have to be honest - the answer is I buy whatever is on sale. Living in SoCal affords me the luxury of knowing my succulents will grow in just about anything including the floorboards of my truck. Ideal weather aside, you may find that store bought brands just aren't really doing the job. The problem with most is that they simply don't support adequate drainage. So what does? You can mix your own blend!  Start with 60% good potting soil, 20%perlite, and 20% grit. Can you substitute some of these items? Yes! For example, pumice can replace perlite and decomposing granite or coarse sand can replace grit. Once you have your basic mixture, it can be adjusted to work with your environment and particular plant needs.