Tillandsia Espinosae

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This is a very symmetrical stiff-leaved species that grows several pups off of stems called stolons.  It is a xeric species that likes strong indirect light, but not direct light and was recently reclassified from vriesea to tillandsia.

Spray or dunk twice a week and allow to dry within 6-8 hours.  Add extra watering to rehydrate during hotter and drier months.

You will receive a similar plant that measures approximately 2.5"-3.5" for small and 7-8” for ex lg 

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FOR WINTER MONTHS: If you experience sustained cold weather temperatures under 38 degrees, we encourage you to add a 72-Hour heat pack to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions.  To order a 72-Hour heat pack, click HERE.