Aloinopsis Schooneesii 🌱

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This is an adorable and highly sought-after petite mesemb from South Africa. It grows as a cluster of flat-topped leaves that clump and mound tightly.  Plants can flush purple to pink in direct sun. It grows a large taproot and plants can be maintained in a bonsai-style with an exposed caudex.  They have delightful blooms with large yellow flowers and a bright red stripe running the length of each petal. Reduce watering frequency in summer and keep dry in winter.

The plants are featured in a 3.5" pot and are shipped bare-root with no nursery pot.

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FOR WINTER MONTHS: If you experience sustained cold weather temperatures under 38 degrees, we encourage you to add a 72-Hour heat pack to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions.  To order a 72-Hour heat pack, click HERE.