💕Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose ~ Penis Cactus

A must have for your cactus collection. and wash a better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Great conversation starter for the juvenile jokester in all of us.

Plants are shipped bare root, pot not included Plants are approximately 1.5- 2” long... just the tip you might say, a grower not a show-er. For added fun we offer the perfect little pokie and fuzz “nutz” in the form a sweet little double cactus. Hand picked of course. 

**** check out our boob cactus listing for the perfect complimentary plant.... don’t forget the string of pearls! Just sayin’.

Supplies are limited!!!!!

**Plant often develops black spots, which callous over and are not harmful to the plant.

Shipping, processing times, and seasonal information can be found HERE in our SHIPPING POLICY.

FOR WINTER MONTHS: If you experience sustained cold weather temperatures under 38 degrees, we encourage you to add a 72-Hour heat pack to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions.  To order a 72-Hour heat pack, click HERE.