Plant Consultation

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Hey Plant Peep!

Are you tired of having boring, lifeless plants in your home? Spice up your space with a succulent or cactus consultation! Let my green-thumbed expertise help you choose the perfect prickly plant for your home or trouble shoot issues with ones you already have.

Etiolated Echeveria? I can help.

Lithargic Lithops? I know how to fix it.

Air Plants asphyxiated? I have solutions!

Let me help you avoid  cactus catastrophes and your succulents succumbing.

Every season is planting season! So why wait? Book your consultation today and get ready to rock your succulent-filled space!

Please note consultations are only for succulents, air plants and cactus. I’m also happy to discuss why seed mustard is a superior condiment, how to make a delicious egg salad sandwich and my favorite travel destinations, but if you want info on tropical plants, this is not the consultation for you.

Please answer the questions so I can tailor our meeting to suite your needs.