Pachyphytum Captain Jessop

Fun fact: 

This variety is from a deliberate cross made and raised by the late Captain Jessop between P. oviferum  and P. viride.  He was a founding member (in 1946) of the Sheffield, England branch of the National Cactus and Succulent Society.  He had held the rank of Captain in the British army in the Second World War. He had an interest in hybridising plants.

In 1978, he was living in the village of Great Longstone in the Peak District of Derbyshire. Brian and Gillian Fearn of Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery, Matlock, Derbyshire visited him at his home in that year.  He gave them this plant.  Brian and Gillian named it after Captain Jessop and introduced them to wider cultivation through their nursery.

Featured in a 4" pot. Colors may vary slightly depending on the season, but these are currently this lovely shade of pinkish peach. You will receive a similar plant shipped semi-bare root. 

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