The Partly Sunny Projects Subscription box is here!

Succulents?! YES!

Cactus?!?! YES!!

Air plants?!?!?! Also, YES!!!

Now that you know what you are getting, here’s what you are NOT going to get.

Fancy custom printed box ~ Sure it’s lovely to have a shiny printed custom box where your plants fit perfectly in their allotted slots....That’s great for the amount of time it takes to rip it open for an Instagram unboxing, but do you know what’s better than that?

An amazing PLANT. 

Your plant will arrive in the same boxes we use for our regular shipments and packaged with the utmost care so you receive a healthy, beautiful plant.

Custom plant specific care cards ~ Let's be real, you may look at it once, and at best, it will wind up in a junk drawer.  Care cards are about as practical as receiving a phone book ( yes, I am dating myself. Who remembers looking up phone numbers in the yellow pages!?! )

We have the Internet and in the spirit of less waste, care info will be available on the website via a monthly blog. Three cheers for Google being free.

After seeing many bad reviews for other subscription boxes, one thing is clear. The main thing that seems to be the number one requirement is that you receive a great healthy plant that arrives in excellent condition. I never send a plant I would not buy for myself and that is exactly what you are going to get.

What size is the plant? Nearly every subscription is by pot size and I say NAY!!!! This is where it's tricky because in the research I have done, I have found amazing plants in plugs, meaning it’s not potted yet. While another grower has overgrown cacti, but they are in 1.5” pots. While yet another has a similar plant and it may be in a 2.5” pot. Yet, the cost may be very nominal between those sizes. My goal is to get a great plant.  The pot size is not as important as the plant in it. If only for reference of size, plants will range from a robust plug to a 2.5” pot. Air plants will be sent quarterly at minimum unless I find something impossible to pass up, and no plant will be repeated within the 12 month period.  There will be 3 plants in every shipment.

If you live in cold weather climates, please choose the Heat Pack option. 

Your plants will be shipped via priority mail to ensure the arrival of healthy plants in both the heat of summer and cold of winter. This is already calculated in the price.

Your succulents will be shipped on the first week of each month, except for weeks with holidays (e.g. Labor Day, Independence Day, New Year’s, etc.) where they may be shipped the following week.

If you join before the 28th, you’ll receive your first shipment next month.  Otherwise, your first shipment will be the following month.

This is the launch of our subscription and first shipments will go out the first week of January.

*CA resident pay taxes