Avonia Quinaria

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Avonia alstonii is a dwarf perennial caudiciform plant with a large, turnip-shaped rootstock buried to its rim, surmounted with myriads of silvery white stems, flush with the ground. The flowers are delicately shaded with pale pink and the largest of the Avonia section. It is considered the showiest of all avonias.
Flowers: Usually white or in shades of pink, solitary, about 3 cm in diameter.
Although regarded as a choice and difficult plant, in cultivation it is relatively easy. It is a particular favourite of caudiciform plant enthusiasts.
Growth rate: Plants grow very slowly, and caudex take many years to enlarge. Clustering in cultivation, if grown correctly, it will reward the grower with generous displays of tiny flowers.

Plant is VERY SMALL!!!!!
Shipped semi bare root