Aloe Mauana Kea Hybrid

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Named for the Hawaiian volcano, this is a fiery-edged hybrid. Green leaves with ashen markings and lava edges. Has a pronounced delta (triangle shaped) leaf and can grow up to 1' tall and 1' wide.

Porous soil with excellent drainage
Provide full to part sun with ample airflow
Water thoroughly when soil is completely dry to the touch
Protect from frost

🐶  Non-toxic to people and pets

Plant is featured in 4” pot. You will receive a similar plant shipped semi-bare root without its nursery pot.

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FOR WINTER MONTHS: If you experience sustained cold weather temperatures under 38 degrees, we encourage you to add a 72-Hour heat pack to your order to ensure the safest arrival of your new plants during cold weather conditions.  To order a 72-Hour heat pack, click HERE.