September Succulent Subscription Box

September  Succulent Subscription Box

September is brining more than just pumpkin spice lattes! This month”s subscription has some great finds. I hope you enjoy adding these gems to your collection. 

Domino Cactus | Echinopsis subdenudata

Domino cactus

Also known as the Blooming Hedgehog Cactus (hence echino-psis) this little dark green ribbed cactus with white fuzzy domino spots. An excellent beginner cactus as they are quite hardy. These guys will grow in dense small clusters that can be popped off for propagation. This cactus is spineless making it easy to handle when repotting. The flowers are AMAZING and will put on quite a show!

Can handle temperatures up to 19F. Direct sunlight to light shade in the summer is ideal for outdoor growing, with bright light if kept indoors. Prefers a chunky cactus soil mix that drains thoroughly after regular watering. Flowers will bloom at night and wilt in the sun so make sure you keep track to get your photos in! 

Haworthia Cymbiformis var. Obtuse 

Haworthia obtusa

This is a small succulent that grows in stunning rosettes with fleshy bright green leaves. The leaves are less transparent and a slightly different shape than its cousin species Haworthia cooperi var. truncata. Will bloom white or greenish white during the summer. 

Most haworthia varieties have adapted to grow best in partial shade, so avoid over exposure to full sun if kept outdoors. However, they do not enjoy being overly cold, so keep them indoors if the temperature drops below 30-50F. Avoid keeping the roots moist with a chunky well draining soil. This is ready to be transplanted immediately as there are pups already showing and will need room to grow.

Echeveria ‘Alfred’ | Fairy Moon ~ Crested

Crested echeveria Alfred fairy moon

I personally have a thing for crested plants and am always on the look out for these little treasures. Cresting occurs in the DNA of the plant, so it winds up growing linearly. No two will grow exactly alike ! The pink tipped rosettes of this echeveria variety are absolutely stunning. The blue-green leaves are glaucous meaning they have a subtle fuzziness to them to protect from excess moisture. They have a slight middle indentation that creates a mesmerizing spiral when viewed from afar, as the plant grows some pups may revert back to the original form. A must have for any collector of rare echeverias. 

Prefers full sun to bright shade in order to keep a compact rosette shape and pink tips on leaves. These are a drought tolerant plant so keep them in a well draining chunky soil mix to prevent root rot. Slightly frost hardy, can tolerate up to 32F in winter months. 


Our bonus gift this month is haworthia coarctata, found fully rooted nubbins to add to your collection. This is a great beginner plant that needs no fussing and does well in lower light conditions. I’m not even sorry that you will need one more pot this month to plant everything up!

Happy planting!


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