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Mini succulent pumpkins

Hey Plant peeps!

Fall is officially here!

One glance at any succulent related page this time of year and you will find succulent pumpkins everywhere so I saw it fit to include one in your box this month! Did I make them all?!?! YES I DID!!! Do I hope that the post office doesn’t bash your package and deliver a smashed pumpkin fit for making pie, also yes! So a little bit of housekeeping regarding your pumpkin and answering some of your burning questions. No, they are not planted in the pumpkin, that would just make the pumpkin rot so they are actually glued on. GLUE?!?! Yes, as in hot glue and NO it doesn’t particularly harm them. You will find that once you decide to take apart the arrangements that the glue, in most cases will simply peel off the plant. Do you need to water your plants in the arrangement…. Yes, but not immediately because they simply have no roots. Give them another week( ish) and you can spritz them with water. This I s about the only time I encourage misting although I just put mine in the sink under running water, gently tip it to take off the excess water and let them dry. While you do have a cute arrangement you are actually propagating all the cuttings and you can pot them all up as soon as the season is over or your pumpkin decides its had enough of being used for fall decor, which ever may come first.


On to the rest of the plants you are adding to your collection!

Let’s get rid of the elephant in the room I have no idea what the cactus is,  something cereus but my search has been futile, grower has no idea, my friends have no idea and google says it’s a “cactus”. I’m thinking its for sure a columnar, some are looking like they spiral a bit. They were just big for their pot size ands I had to have them! It will be an experiment and happy surprise for all of us.


Next, is quite possibly one of the staple and best plants for beginner succulent collectors is a gasteria.

These petite plants are getting pretty packed in their 2.5’ pots and I highly recommend replanting in a slightly bigger pot to let your plant have room to grow pups. These particular succulent tolerate lower light conditions and easily propagate from offsets. The plant will stay small in size so its perfect for small spaces or if you are into miniature gardens.


Lastly we have an extra large Ruby Ionantha, they are all either in full bloom or about to bloom. You can tell this is happening by their very bright hot pink to red coloring. They will eventually boast a deep purple flower for the center. This is a great time to fertilize them as well. Once done blooming you will see offsets starting to form at the base. Keep your plant well hydrated as we head into winter as indoor conditions often become drier as we star running heaters. Be sure your air plant gets lots of bright light and airflow to keep it happy.


I hope you enjoy the additions to your collections!

Happy Planting!!

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