March Subscription

March Subscription

Spring is in the air! 

Longer days and warmer weather are just around the corner. I can’t wait to get the garden and my pots refreshed. I’m looking forward to adding these plants in arrangements to showcase their great texture.



Our cactus selection this month is hatiora salicornioides or the more easily pronounced “dancing bones”. Just like my 23 & Me, this variety received a DNA update being recategorized from rhipsalis to the smaller subgenus of hatoria. It’s now like a cousin twice removed on your mom’s side. No matter what the name, it’s absolutely fantastic. This is an epiphanic cactus that boasts slender, many branched stems that can reach up to 2 feet in length. As your plant matures, you may be delighted by showcasing it in a hanging pot and letting the branches spill over the sides. Easily propagates from cuttings.  Keep your plant happy by providing lots of bright, indirect light. If you see the stems getting thin, WATER IT!! You may see light orange-yellow bell-shaped flowers in winter and spring. Added bonus: this plant is pet friendly. Thank goodness because I can see it being a play toy for any cat within 100 yards of it!

Crassula moon glow

Next on our list is Crassula moon glow. Native to South Africa, this is a relatively fast winter grower. It grows upward, but eventfully will flop over from the weight of its plump leaves. It can reach a height of 8”-12”. As with most succulents, bright, indirect or morning light in summer works best. Choose a well-draining mix and water deeply and thoroughly with full dry-out periods. Your plant easily propagates from stems, and if you are lucky, it may send out a 3 leaf offset, which are pretty rare to find. (If you need one though, have a few available!!)

Echeveria ruby slipper

Lastly, is a visual and textural dream, Echeveria harmsii, commonly known as ruby slipper. Frankly, I’ll take these over Cinderella’s glass slipper any day! Fuzzy green rosetts can grow from 6”-12" and blush stunning red when stressed. I also get slightly get red when I’m stressed! These are summer growers and you can expect electric orange blooms, which make a striking contrast with the red and green leaves. Propagates from cuttings and leaves. Choose a well draining mix and offer lots of sun for the best colors.

Whether you plant these together or separately, I hope you enjoy adding these darlings to your collection.

Happy Planting!!


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Maryanne Rios

Love March variety! I was able to put it together plus next to others and they look so good! My favorite being Echevarría Harmsii due to its colors and texture, so pretty!

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