July Subscription Box

July Subscription Box

Hey Plant Peeps! Welcome to Summer!

It's July, which means this month's subscription box includes an air plant! 

Tillandsia xerographica

Tillandsia xerographica air plant

Excited to get this pixie xerographica added to your collection. Known as the Queen of all air plant, this is a princess size!! These will grow best in strong indirect light. Avoid direct light as the leaves will easily burn from sun exposure. 

Spray or dunk once a week, allow to dry within 6-8 hours. Watch for water getting trapped deep in the lower leaves which can lead to rot. Can be fertilized with liquid bromeliad fertilizer to induce blooming. This and every air lantern will do best in a place that offers air circulation. I’m giving you the stink eye if you play this isn a glass jar!! These plants can grow for years and will eventually bloom. The blooms have been know to last for months!

Mexican Fence Post Cactus Pachycereus marginatus

Mexican Fence Post Cactus

Hardiness Zone 9b - 11b
LOVEV THEM!!! These bad boys can get extraordinarily large, but keep in mind they are incredibly slow growing, taking decades to reach their largest size. They require little care outside of adequate sun and heat requirements.  Mexican Fence Post Cactus is a tall, columnar cactus that can be grown into a living fence assuming your temps don’t get below 40. The stems rarely branch and they can reach up to 16.0' in their natural habitat. The ridges of areoles are spined and also bloom with red to pink, funnelform flowers. They enjoy a well draining soil mix and can take full sun conditions but do introduce them slowly as they have been protected in the greenhouse. Water when soil is completely dry, soaking plant with each watering.
Graptoveria "Debbi" 
Graptoveria Debbi succulent
Hardiness Zone 9b - 11b sorry to my frosty friends! 
This stunning succulent offsets freely to form clumps of rosettes of fleshy, lanceolate, frosty pink leaves covered in a powdery farina (epicuticular wax) It also easily propagates from cuttings and leaves. The rosettes grow up to 8 inches in diameter. The colors of the leaves become more intense in the cooler months. You will be rewarded with smaller apricot flowers appear in the spring. Choose a well draining mix to keep your plant happy and always choose a pot in proportion to the size of your plant. Water when soil is completely dry, soaking plant with each watering. Graptoveria Debbies are also pet safe!
Finally, your freebie cutting is a pencil cactus, similar to sticks of fire, this one however stays green. This euphorbia can get very large! The sap can be an irritant, so don’t  go poking your eye with it. It should easily root for you in a couple of weeks.
Happy Planting Peeps!!

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