February Subscription Box

February Subscription Box

The month of LOVE is upon us and you will love these new plants to add to you collection.

calico hearts

This month my fantastic hubbs, Isaac, chose one of the plants! You can thank him for the darling Calico hearts!!

Adromischus maculatus, commonly known as Calico Hearts, have flattened, grey-green leaves that are heavily speckled with crimson spots.  Their name comes from their signature leaves curving into a heart shape. Exposure to bright sunlight will bring out the best red tones. This plant grows well potted on a window sill. It is native to South Africa and tends to send up a tall bloom stalk with tiny white/pink flowers in mid-summer. Maximum height is only about 6"-8" and cannot take frost, as it is only hardy in zone 10.

scarlet ball

Our cactus this month is Notocactus haselbergii, commonly known Scarlet Ball. This sweet little cactus boasts bright orange to brick-red blooms that are up to 2 cm wide and each can last one to three weeks. You will be rewarded with blooms at the end of the winter or in early spring for a long period of time.
This variety can support more water during the growing season, but do not overwater, meaning let the pot dry out completely before thoroughly watering again  Potted plants in winter need to be kept dry (rots easily if soil is wet and cold). They will do best outdoors in bright but partially filtered sunlight or afternoon shade.  Inside it needs bright light and some direct sun. Subject to sunburn if exposed to direct sun for too long. Tends to bronze in strong light, which encourages flowering and heavy wool and spine production. 

snake plant

Our next plant is a bit of a treat in my opinion because I have as yet to see one featured in any other subscription box, and that's a Sanseveria, commonly known as snake plants. It was recently reclassified into the Dracaena family, but I'm in the forever Pluto-is-a-planet club, so it's going to take a hot minute for me to call it something else. Snake plants are a fantastic beginner plant, as they will tolerate lower light conditions (tolerate is not the same as thrive, so give those babies some light!!!) Super easy care because the plant can go for weeks without water. They will send out new shoots from their tubers and create a lush clump. Be sure to let your pots dry completely between waterings, as the roots are prone to rot if left in soggy soil. I scored 5 varieties, so your plant will be a surprise!

echeveria cutting

Finally, as a little bonus, we have cuttings from Echeveria nodulosa, commonly known as painted lady. These Mexico natives are relatively disease-free and will form into a nice clump of rosettes once mature.  Your cutting can be easily rooted by simply placing on top of your favorite growing medium and then WALK AWAY!!! Come back and peek at it in a couple of weeks.  Once you see roots, you can start to water. Keep in bright but indirect light or they can easily burn up in the cutting stage.

Happy Planting and Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sonja & Isaac


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