December Succulent Subscription Box

December Succulent Subscription Box

Happy Holidays Peeps!

This month’s box has an extra plant because who doesn’t like presents?!?

Let’s start with our cactus:

Gray Ghost Organ Pipe (Stenocereus pruinosus)  I love this powdery blue-green-purplish columnar cactus from Mexico. In the wild, it can eventually grow to 20.0' with new branches sprouting from the base and trunk, no worries  in cultivation it tends to stay under 6.0'. Young plants are deeply ribbed and have reddish brown spines, but with time the 5-8 ribs flatten and the spines turn white. They are spring and summer night time  bloomers. The flowers are  2.0" to 3.5" wide in hues of white and magenta.

Gray ghost cactus

A little something fuzzy:

Panda Plant, Donkey Ears (Kalanchoe tomentosa)  A soft, velvety species from Madagascar. "Tomentose" refers to the fuzzy, felt-like coating of hairs that covers the whole plant. These hairs helps it survive dry, sunny conditions. I find these plants do better when not over watered. They have long, upright leaves colored silvery green with spots of chocolate brown dotting their edges. Spring time blooms are maroon to copper and have the same fuzzy coating as the rest of the plant. This is a wonderful addition to any of your arrangements.

 Panda plant

Pleasing Pacheveria

Pachyeveria 'Glauca'  This sweet plant boasts rosettes of thick, silvery blue leaves. This cultivar has a thick coating of farina that protects it in full sun and gives the plant a soft, powdery appearance. Its chunky leaves stand upright, giving the rosette a looser form. Propagates easily from cutting or leaves.


Low light, no problem!

Haworthia glauca var. glauca: This sweet haworthia boasts green, hard leaf foliage that can be a little pokie. It is slow growing, but will eventually reach over 6 inches tall. Low maintenance. Great indoor plant. Needs good drainage to keep it happy.


I hope you enjoy this month’s plants as much as I enjoyed finding them for you!

Cheers as we ring in the new year!



Sonja & Isaac

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